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Due to the importance of its position in the industry, news is emulating from West Wales Airport on a regular basis.  As well as being at the forefront of some unique development, the site has created a number of important firsts.

2011 - Establishing the world's first airspace dedicated to both civillian and military UAS operations.

2010 - First flight of the MoD's Watchkeeper UAS program in UK airspace.

2009 - Established Extended Visual Line of sight (EVLOS) operating parameters.

2008 - The swarming of mulitple UAV's in UK airspace.

2007 - Acceptance of the worlds first UAS Operations Manual by an ICAO nation state (UK CAA).

2005 - The first unmanned aerial vehicle flight beyond visual line of sight in UK airspace.

2004 - ParcAberporth unmanned Systems Event (PAUS). The first UAS exhibition with flight
           demonstrations conducted in the UK.