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History of the Airfield

RAF Aberporth

The first aircraft landed at the airfield in 1939.  Up until its closure in 1946 the site was used to fly target towing aircraft for anti-aircraft training and as a diversion airfield for stricken aircraft.  It reopened again in 1951 using grass runways.  Operated by the Royal Aircraft Establishment it continued to be used as a target towing launch site and for the flying of the first pilotless target aircraft.  A hard runway was laid down in 1956.  In 2001 The Mann Organisation acquired the airfield, increased the runway length in 2009 and developed the facilities to what they are today.

Pilot Reviews

...."It's a gorgeous fly-in, the seaside is only just over a mile away, and the runway is so smooth you'll barely know you've landed"....

...."Airfields like this are priceless to GA in the UK and the staff at Aberporth deserve every praise for the standard of the strip and their willingness to do whatever to make your visit pleasurable"....




General Information

airport aerial viewThe airport welcomes all GA visitors at any time, but wishes pilots to note there are speciality UAS operations often taking place in the restricted flying area around the airfield.

Special attention should be given to NOTAMs and other flight planning materials as well as the airports PPR status. The procedures contained in AD 2.22 of the AIP ENTRY must also be observed.


ICAO Designator:


Operating hours:

Summer 0800 - 1600 UTC, Monday to Friday (Except PH) and by arrangement
Winter 0900 - 1700 UTC (or SS whichever earlier) and by arrangment


Avgas 100LL and Avtur FS34

Air traffic:



West Wales Information 122.150 MHz
Aberporth Control +119.650 when D202 is active

Licenced Runway:

Direction: 08/26
Dimensions: 1188m x 30m
Surface: Asphalt

Unlicenced Runway:

Direction: 04/22
Length: 540m x 30m
Surface: Grass