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The two restricted airspaces emulating from the airport are classified as Danger Areas and regulated by the MoD on behalf of the Directorate Airspace Policy (DAP).  This does not mean that access to these areas are denied, on the contrary, both D201 and the D202 complex are available for use by military and civilian UAS operators.

Guidance to Danger Area Access




It is recognised that most UAS operators are eager to access open airspace, which of course will supply the marketplace for the future deployment of their particular system.  However, today’s regulation demands that UAS flights that are conducted Beyond Visual Line Of Sight, (BVLOS) must be carried out in restricted airspace.
By utilising West Wales Airport, UAS operators have the best opportunity to demonstrate capability with reliability. This in turn, will produce the appropriate levels of confidence in their system's ability to operate safely.


To the West of the airport, UAS flights directly access 2,000 square miles of restricted airspace over the sea. This area has an unlimited ceiling height for operations. It is ideally suited for unmanned systems that require to undertake endurance flights, carry out operator training or work at the extreme of altitude.

complex chartTo the East of the airport there is direct access to 500 square miles of restricted airspace over land. This area is segmented into sections of various base heights and ceilings. Activated by NOTAM, it enables UAS flights to operate to surface level in the vicinity of the airport or if cleared to do so, access to the military training area in Danger Area D203.

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