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GA at West Wales

Located 1.5 miles from the coast at Aberporth, Wales, the airport is open to GA visitors who can use it for business or just to access one of the most unspoilt areas of the country.

It has a CAA operators licence to enable public transport flights, so this exceptional location is as easily accessed by air as it is by road.


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Welcome to West Wales Airport

The Nation's Centre for Unmanned Systems Operations

Established as a civilian airport in 2001, it is the only site in Europe that can enable the flying of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) under regulated conditions. Privately owned and entirely independent, it supplies an exclusive world-class UAS flying environment that includes restricted airspace over land and sea.

Whilst the airfield facilities may be accessed by all aircraft operators, the unique capabilities are especially suited to companies and organisations who are engaged in civilian or military UAS operations. From here, an extensive range of flight options can be delivered exclusively, including systems approvals, training, payload integration and demonstration.


Currently CAA regulation CAP 722 requires that UAS must operate in segregated airspace that is restricted to the flight of manned aircraft.  The location of the airport is unique in that it enables flights directly into two separate areas. 

In July 2011, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (Press Release) authorised additional permanently restricted airspace (D202).  Covering an area of 500 square miles over land, it has been sanctioned specifically to accommodate UAS operations from the airport.   

With its unique position and facilities, West Wales Airport has now become recognised as one of the most strategically important sites for the aerospace industry, now the era of unmanned aviation has well and truly commenced.